Easy Efficiency – ZARGES Cases

A lifetime of camping and more recently years of overlanding and road-trips throughout the western US means I’ve tried every type of travel container available. Up until now, each had specific weak points. Plastic cases that were either too fragile when cold or just too heavy in general, military surplus cases that were too big or unwieldy when loaded, flip-top boxes that were just too hard to work with and the list goes on.

Three characteristics of the ZARGES Cases that really stood out for me:

Lightweight – Until you pick one up, it is hard to appreciate how truly light they are. Substantially lighter than plastic cases of similar size. When they’re being loaded in and out of a truck or SUV that makes a difference – especially when the cases themselves are loaded.

Efficient – With squared up sides, the cases maximize space in your vehicle and within their own interiors. No space is sacrificed to outsized hinges and plastic latches and the flat lid means the case can be stuffed to the top.

Easy – Latches are positive and easy to use. Spring-loaded handles fold down flat and are wide enough to offer comfortable carrying. An unexpected benefit is the bright aluminum interior’s ability to reflect light, making setting up camp after dark that much easier.

You really can’t go wrong with these cases. They’re a great example of “buy-once, bleed-once” gear that will last a lifetime.

Matt Frederick

Mathew Frederick