K473 Heavy Duty

K473 Heavy Duty

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custom options The K473 Heavy Duty aluminum container is THE robust alternative. Its rugged design is particularly suitable for heavy payloads such as machinery, engines and other heavy equipment. The K473 Heavy Duty aluminum container has generously dimensioned edge and base profile sections. The high-strength positive jointing ensures permanent bonding between jacket and base metal. Profile-section joints are fully welded; beading all-round, including corner beads, provides additional dimensional stability.

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Aluminum Heavy Duty Container K473

THE robust alternative.

Key Features:

  • Rugged design, particularly suitable for high payloads.
  • Removable Lid with sealing
  • Rated IP 65 in accordance with EN 60 529 due to foamed seal in the lid/li>
  • Profile-section joints fully welded.
  • Beading all round and corner beads for additional dimensional stability.
  • Fitted with ZARGES K473 Comfort fasteners.
  • Can be secured with a plug lock, lead seals, protection against bursting open or a padlock (max. shackle thickness 6 mm)
  • Clearance dimensions are the same as the inside dimension.
  • Cases with and without pallet substructure can be stacked.

Optional equipment:

  • Cast alloy stacking corners.
  • Aluminium pallet substructure.
  • Version with protection against water jets to class IP65 available as an option
  • Optional hinged lid, two lid straps and peripheral foam lid seal (Ingress Protection IP 54).
  • Removable fixed and swivel casters.
  • Pressure relief valve with humidity indicator.
  • Custom paint and designs

Accessories may not fit all sizes of a particular case. ZARGES will contact you if there is a conflict with your order to determine the best solution.

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