ZARGES UN-Certified Aluminum Cases
ZARGES UN-Certified Aluminum Cases

UN Certification for Hazardous Materials

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ZARGES, Inc. provides testing at our Charlotte facility for UN Certification for Hazardous Material Transport for our cases including the K470, K475, K410 and K24 XC. Certification is only available at time of case purchase.

Please indicate in the “Notes” field at checkout which SKU(s) you intend to have certified.

For each UN Hazardous Materials certificate, the case is first verified to be an authentic ZARGES product and the correct product requested by the customer. The case then undergoes an ultrasonic inspection to ensure that the thickness of all case walls is within tolerance for the order’s specification. The measuring points are indicated in blue on the diagram. Once the case passes this inspection, it is labeled and delivered to the customer with appropriate documentation.
ZARGES test points for UN HazMat Certification