medical shelving system

The medical shelving system for a wide variety of applications.

The ZARGES medical shelving system is designed for orderly and safe storage of materials. Not only does it have a stable outer casing, but the interior fittings can be adapted to myriad requirements, fulfilling your individual needs. Medical shelving system in stainless steel version available on request.

The modular design allows all the components to be easily combined with other ZARGES systems, improving the efficiency of your storage and supply logistics. ZARGES shelving systems offer high stability, are made of durable materials, and provide a cost-effective solution.

The ZARGES range of heavy duty trays and baskets can be used in both fixed cabinets and mobile transportation carts, allowing medicines and other items to be kept in a well-organized manner during storage and transportation. Our all-purpose modular shelving system can be used in storage and retrieval areas throughout hospitals, maximizing the storage space available in tight spaces.

medical shelving

Universal medical shelving system for storage and retrieval areas.

  • Simple height adjustment with removable insert rails.
  • Height adjustment, with holes spaced every 2.8″.
  • Allows for for horizontal or angled arrangement of the ISO modular baskets.
  • Hygienic, easy to clean.
  • For use with ISO modular baskets 23.6″ × 15.7″ made from plastic.
  • Made of powder-coated steel.
  • Color light gray, RAL 7035.
  • Frame made from robust square tubing 1.2″ × 1.2″.
  • Frame made from U-section, dimensions 1.3″ × 1.3″ × 0.1″.
  • Lower edge has height-adjustable feet for storage and retrieval shelving or casters for storage and retrieval cart.
  • Hook-in insert rails are made from anodized aluminum with sturdy abrasion-resistant end caps made of fiberglass-reinforced plastic PA6, color anthracite.

medical shelving

Systematic and reliable medical storage.

  1. Shelf segments. Pre-assembled.
  2. Connecting rod.
  3. Diagonal braces. Provided for each second row.
  4. Fasteners made of stainless steel. Provided a set per row.
  5. Slide rails straight. Floating suspended.
  6. Slide rails diagonally. Floating suspended.
  7. Shelf. Made of aluminum, anodized.
medical shelving diagram

Available Configurations

46441 single width medical shelving with baskets

Single-row Storage and retrieval cart, approx. 19.0″ × 24.0″ × 68.9″. SKU 46441. Wheels sold separately.

46442 double width medical shelving

Double-row Storage and retrieval cart, approx. 41.3″ × 24.0″ × 68.9″. SKU 46442. Wheels sold separately.

built in medical shelving

Custom Medical Cabinets by request.