Protection is our mission. For over 75 years, ZARGES has offered superior aluminum cases, relying on engineering expertise and high quality to provide stock and custom solutions. ZARGES delivers unparalleled protective aluminum transit (shipping / storage) and 19″ rack mount cases. Today, advanced designs and robotics yield fast, cost-effective manufacturing. Whether it is off the shelf or a custom configuration, our packaging engineers will design the optimum protection solution. Our design and manufacturing methods allow for easily customized sizes, so your customers won’t have to live with a case that is too large and heavy for their needs any more.

zarges site imageZARGES was founded in 1933 in Stuttgart, Germany, as Europe’s first light alloy processing company. Headquartered in Weilheim, ZARGES GmbH designs and manufactures much more than just cases. With manufacturing plants in Germany, France and Hungary, and employing over 1300 people, ZARGES is a major supplier of aluminum solutions around the world. ZARGES’ products range from cases, trolleys, pallets, scaffolding and ladders, wind mill lift systems, to medical storage cabinets. The industries ZARGES serves include: Industry & Trade, Service Providers, Chemicals & Pharmaceuticals, Aviation & Defense, Healthcare, Electronic, Laundries, Expeditions, and Leisure.

Increasingly, we see more COTS equipment, originally designed for office environments, being used in extreme environments. Well-engineered case solutions ensure this gear will survive and be able to perform its mission. It’s not just a box anymore; it’s a critical component to ensure the system works on arrival. Aluminum is the superior choice for these extreme environments, with rugged strength and light weight that is unaffected by cold or heat. Unreinforced thermoplastics and even composites simply can’t offer the performance spectrum that is afforded by choosing aluminum.

To better support its USA customers, ZARGES operates the Tech Center in Charlotte, North Carolina. The Center offers in-stock cases, customization and rapid, custom cushion fabrication. The Charlotte facility maintains dozens of product offerings that are available off the shelf, with many options ranging from casters to foam. For more complex challenges, packaging engineers are ready to develop custom solutions and to provide local support.

For ZARGES, quality is not just a slogan but a philosophy which has always been of fundamental importance in the development of the company. The quality of our products and services is of the highest caliber. At ZARGES, constant quality checks during all stages of the manufacturing process are undertaken as a matter of course. We are ISO 9001:2000, and can fully support your quality requirements.

Our Mission

Problem Solving

We are specialists when it comes to volume production items and customer-specific problem solving, particularly with alloys. We lead our competitors with continuing product improvement and regular product innovations.


We are solution-driven, with experienced engineers using the latest 3D CAD/CAM design and advanced robotics to offer state of the art protection.


ZARGES invests heavily in both basic and advanced training to ensure our employees are highly qualified. We offer all our employees many opportunities for professional and personal development.


Experience, flexibility and cost effectiveness are the cornerstones of our engineering and production capabilities.

Customer Satisfaction

Complete customer satisfaction is our standard.


Long term employee commitment is the essential factor to the 75 year success of our company. ZARGES fosters motivation through modern work organization systems, performance-related compensation and empowerment.

Market Leadership

ZARGES is the leading provider of aluminum case solutions world-wide.


Aluminum is the most effectively recycled material on the planet.