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Sports and Recreation

ZARGES cases are used by professional athletes and enthusiasts across a multitude of sports.  Teams use ZARGES cases to store and transport gear, tools and assessment equipment. Traveling teams benefit from the lightweight and strength aluminum provides.  The wide temperature range and water resistance has made ZARGES a favorite choice for ski teams and fishermen for decades.

ZARGES sports equipment


  • Skiing and Snow Sports
  • NBA
  • 100s of University sports teams
  • Soccer / Football
  • Fishing Gear
  • Skeet Shooting
  • Video Equipment

ZARGES firearm storage and protection
ZARGES fishing and hunting

“The Zarges boxes are the most useful and efficient piece of mobile equipment storage we use. They are lighter and more durable than anything else. If you want the best protection for your gear while traveling around the world, Zarges is the only way to go!”
Scotty Veenis
USST Baggage Sherpa / Men's Downhill Coach

“We use and abuse these boxes. We have both new and old ones in use which is of course testament to their quality.”
Matt Whitcomb
Head Women's XC Coach, US Ski Team.
[with Jason Cork (right), Head Men's XC Coach, US Ski Team]

“We have been using Zarges for close to 20 years. They are incredibly useful and reliable. We have traveled the world with these cases carrying everything from wax equipment to sewing machines. Never had a problem.”
Dave Jarrett
Head Coach, U.S. Nordic Combined

"The Zarges K440 Aluminum Case is the perfect size for traveling with all of my tuning gear. I can easily store all of my small accessories in this case that would otherwise be lost in a regular travel bag. The hard, yet light, aluminum case is durable enough to travel around the world and keep all of my gear safe and unharmed."
Miha Dolinar
USA Women’s World Cup Speed Ski Team technician

“My primary use for my Zarges box(es) are for wax / tool storage and transport. We travel 100k+ miles chasing winter and though my boxes take-a-licking, I don’t have to worry that they will arrive intact with all my special and specific work equipment ready to use.”
Blake Lewis
Swiss SBX national team technician

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