ZARGES Aluminum Cases

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Custom Military Rack Mount Solutions

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NEW! K411 Attaché Case

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K470 Transit Case

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K424 XC Roller Case

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Military Transit Case Solutions

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Rack mount cases for 19" electronics

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Medical logistics systems

Aluminum Cases for Shipping and Storage

K470_40844_01Aluminum cases for shipping and storage are ideal for transporting and packaging a wide variety of goods. ZARGES transit cases are market-leading, with more usable internal volume per cubic foot. Aluminum delivers excellent durability and weight savings in a smaller footprint.

Our cases are useful for many applications and industries, including defense, commercial and industrial. We offer a variety of accessories to increase the usability, mobility and security of your aluminum cases. We can also provide UN Certification for Hazardous Materials. Learn More ›

Aluminum Rack Mount Cases for 19″ Electronics

ZARGES MitrasetZARGES Mitraset and Mitraset Racklite aluminum rack mount cases provide the ultimate protection for 19″ electronics in all environments, from the desert to the arctic. The structural rigidity of aluminum eliminates distortion due to exposure to high temperatures and cracking from exposure to low temperatures. Interchangeable lids and ½ turn latches replace mismatched rack mount lids and knuckle busting latches. Our aluminum cases are watertight and provide good heat dissipation. Each rack mount case comes standard with two 2″ interchangeable lids. Learn More ›

ZARGES Medical Carts and Storage Systems

ZARGES Emergency Medical Cart

Please visit our medical site at

Medical facilities have exacting requirements for their carts and equipment. To meet these needs, ZARGES offers a wide range of options in our Medical Carts and Storage Systems, each of which can be customized exactly to your specifications. Our system is a flexible modular aluminum medical cart system made up of simple components, which allows for easily configured options to both the design and and the functionality, down to the last detail- size, color, dispensers, holders, stands, and other choices. Learn More ›

Military Deployments

Many government agencies and military branches have successfully deployed standard and custom military case solutions, Programs that have strict SWaP (Space, Weight and Power) budgets benefit from the lighter weight of aluminum and the greater usable space when compared to plastic cases. ZARGES cases have been designed to meet multiple MIL specs including MIL-STD-285 and MIL-STD 810.

  • US Army — 33 programs
  • US Navy — 11 programs
  • US Air Force — 4 programs
  • 3 Letter Agencies – 50+ programs

3 Letter Agencies refers to FBI, NSA, CIA, DHS, DEA, DOD etc.

MIL-STD Testing

"The ZARGES Mitraset Transit Case passes the minimum requirements of 60dB from 150 kHz to 18GHz." Full Test report ›

ZARGES aluminum transit and rackmount cases are subject to thorough environmental testing.

ZARGES Mitraset 19" electronic rackmount cases are subject to stringent shock and vibration testing.

Custom Capabilities


ZARGES operates the Tech Center in Charlotte, North Carolina to provide direct support and custom capabilities for its USA customers. The Center offers in-stock cases, custom CNC foam insert fabrication, component installation, custom painting and graphics and other customizations. The Charlotte facility maintains dozens of product offerings that are available off the shelf, with many options ranging from casters to foam. Our engineering team is available to provide custom solutions to your complex needs. Learn More ›

Why Aluminum?

Why Aluminum?

Aluminum offers many advantages over typical composite case construction. It can weather extreme temperatures, resist impact without cracking, and will not rust or corrode over time. Aluminum is hygienic and easy to clean, fully recyclable, and a good conductor of heat and electricity. It’s lightweight, easy to form and customize, and offers more interior capacity per pound than composites. Learn More ›

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