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Shipping and Storage Cases


Whatever shipping and storage needs you have, ZARGES has the answer. Aluminum ships lighter, requires less space and protects better than any other material available… that is why ZARGES is the worldwide leader in aluminum and has been for nearly a century.

Ship green and ship smart with aluminum. ZARGES is making the (aluminum) case for utmost protection.

Why Aluminum?


Aluminum offers a superior blend of performance characteristics for reusable shipping containers. From low weight and cubic volume, to outstanding temperature performance, it’s still difficult to surpass the performance offered by aluminum cases and containers. Aluminum is very customizable, as well as being a highly recycled and recyclable material. The advantage of fabricated aluminum is that custom sizes can be easily manufactured without time consuming and costly tooling.

Rack Mount Cases


ZARGES Mitraset and Mitraset Racklite aluminum rack-mount cases are the ultimate in protection for all mission critical components from the desert to the arctic. Structural rigidity of case eliminates distortion resulting from high temperature exposure, interchangeable lids and ½ turn latches replace mismatched rack-mount lids and knuckle busting latches. Our cases are water tight and provide good heat dissipation. Comes standard with two 2" interchangeable lids